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Your 5 Most Wanted Anti-Ageing and Enhancement Treatments

By Anita East from Anita East Medispa 1. FROWN & WORRY LINES A great deal of clients who come to my clinic complain about their frown and forehead wrinkles becoming more permanent, making them appear angry when they are not and making them look and feel heavy in the upper face. Anti-Wrinkle injections in the...

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High Strength Vitamin C & B By Anita East

Introducing the Anita East High Strength Vitamin B & C Serum. Containing the highest quality active pharmaceutical ingredients from TGA approved licensed wholesalers. Each serum is hand crafted by our experienced compounding technicians to give a superior tailor made product for each individual patient.

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Prescription Vitamin A is Important for Your Skin

In the medical world of skin, we know exactly what your skin needs so that it can be to be turned into great skin. The ingredients that skin wants and desires to help it function well, are not complex. They are not harvested by the light of the decennial blue full moon in Transylvania, by...

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Smooth Out & Soften Your Frown Lines!

Frown Lines otherwise known as “Cranky Lines” can be effectively smoothed & softened with an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. What can an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment do for you? By relaxing wrinkles in and around the frown area, an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment will give a refreshed, rejuvenated and happier appearance. How long does it take? The procedure itself only takes...

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Full Face Rejuvenation

Your face is a sum of all its parts, which is why your face should be treated as a whole rather than each separate area. My aim is to to create harmony between all of your facial features whilst ensuring you look just like you only with your natural beauty enhanced.

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