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We have performed in excess of 15,000 treatments and that is why our aesthetic practitioners are the best in Brisbane.

Anita East

Medical Director. CEO.

Anita has performed in excess of 15,000 non surgical cosmetic facial enhancements for loyal clients throughout Australia. She has a broad professional background as a Registered Nurse for over twenty-two years. In addition to this, Anita holds a Masters degree in cosmetic Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner) from Deakin University in Melbourne. This makes her Brisbane’s first Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner. This qualification sees Anita with the same prescribing rights as a medical doctor in the speciality field of practice of aesthetic medicine, for which she holds a prescriber and provider number.

Anita also holds a Master of Arts degree from the prestigious University of London and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. During this study she majored in the medical research component dedicated to our human ability to ‘think ourselves into a way of feeling’. Anita utilises this research to inform AE Medispa’s wholistic approach.

In the United Kingdom and Australia, Anita has worked as a professional actor, TV presenter and singer. Having rubbed shoulders with many of the entertainment industry’s elite since 2004, Anita felt there was a strong need for creating natural and subtle cosmetic enhancement. In response, she set out to bring this unique blend of natural looking non surgical enhancement to everyone and AE Medispa was born. Anita is regularly called upon to speak about and present her ideas on natural looking beauty through our ages and her clinic’s passion for creating the subtle enhancement rather than the surreal and bizarre.

Anita believes the AE Medispa team is the best in not only Brisbane but the world. They are nuggets of absolute gold and as described by one loyal client “it is like when anyone in your team is treating me, you are treating me. The lines are not blurred, they are an extension of you Anita”.

Rebecca Champion

Cosmetic Medicine Skin Therapist

The Medispa


A MediSpa operates under the on-site supervision of a highly trained and specialized cosmetic medical professional. Medispas perform treatments for conditions that cannot be fulfilled in a traditional beauty salon environment.

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