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Thanks again for my appointment yesterday. I love my lips (and so does my husband).
– Mary

Oh my goodness! I think in one afternoon, you just gave me back at least 5 years! I’m really glad I finally made time to come and see you – and also that any preconceptions I may have had were completely dispelled with your explanation and gentle treatment. Thanks so much Anita, I’m really happy!
– Anna

I’m so happy with my lips. You do an amazing job!  Doctors, other companies or friends have mentioned or tried to get me to try their clinic and no matter what I could never do it…. I trust you completely, so thank you Anita.
– Rebecca

I just have to let you know that my skin, after having the peel, is AMAZING!  I have had multiple compliments, friends & strangers.  AND friends have thought that I have make-up on when I don’t. I’m in love with ‘the peel’!
– Sandy

The comments from my work colleagues ‘Your skin looks amazing, you look so refreshed!’
– Jules

When I first consulted Anita I must admit I was worried about how young looking I would end up. After all I was in my early seventies and to have no  lines left at all would make me look unreal and strange. However I need not have worried – after a wonderful discussion with Anita when she understood all my concerns – she advised a freshening up of my face and some skin care. Afterwards I looked brighter and softer and was delighted. Since then Anita had used PRP procedure on my face twice and my skin has truly blossomed. I would highly recommend this procedure. My frown and age lines have softened beautifully and I feel confident and happy. Thank you Anita.
– Sue

I can’t believe it, my Rosacea has almost completely gone. In combination with the prescription skin care creams you have me on, my skin looks almost normal now.
– Shelly

After only one laser treatment, the sun spots are looking great!!
– Julianne

I’m so confident with my skin again I haven’t been wearing makeup to work (and for me, that’s a big thing!)
– Nikki

It’s been 4 years since you did Mum’s cheeks and I need my lips done again. We only want you to treat us. We only trust you. We’re booking flights up to Qld to see you.
– Louise

Anita, I’m so tempted to fly up to Qld to get you to do my face again. Please come to Melbourne once a month to treat your adoring clients down here.
– Kate

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