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Beautiful Unique Faces by Anita East

Beautiful Unique

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Any woman can avoid the never-ending cycle of perfectionism which has seen many others not only lose sight of their true beauty, but put their health (and, potentially, their lives) in danger.

While anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections aren’t new, their availability, price point and the relentlessness of Instagram has given women across the world a skewed idea of what’s both aspirational and attainable in facial beauty. Anita has never met a woman who isn’t breathtakingly beautiful, so to see what women are doing to and demanding of themselves, is heartbreaking.

In Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita reveals the changes she’s witnessed in female demands for cosmetic enhancements, sharing case studies and personal anecdotes, but more importantly, how women can revel in their unique facial feature and avoid becoming a Pretty Ugly Face.

About the book

Anita is speaking out against this common and hugely worrying trend of over-freezing and over-filling faces. But the call to head the change, to start the movement, to lead the way comes not only from her experiences but mostly from yours. The eighty patients she sees every week, the women and men she speaks to in passing, the conversations with her six teenage nieces who tell her about the pressure they feel to look a certain way, and the women on her TV and social media pages who are all crying for help. Anita can’t sleep at night knowing what she knows, and not doing her very best to make the world a safer and more accepting place for her two darling daughters and yours.

Beautiful Unique Faces is perfectly timed, not only as an antidote to the question about whether or not to have cosmetic enhancements, but to help ALL women of all ages to finally identify and revel in the unique beauty they were born with. Rather than focussing on judgement as to whether or not the societal trend is good or bad, Anita shares her unique insights in how to enhance our natural beauty and, even if we move forward with cosmetic assistance, avoid becoming over-frozen and over- filled. Anita’s aim is to share how ANY woman can enhance and refresh their natural beauty while feeling good. Beautiful Unique Faces is for all women.

About the author

Anita East has performed more than 18,000 treatments on people worldwide. A resident writer for The Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, Anita is often called upon to present at meetings on Cosmetic Medicine throughout Australia and internationally. She is a Nurse Practitioner specialising in skin and cosmetic medicine and holds a BSc, MA and MSN,

Anita worked as a TV Presenter for Sky Sports, the BBC and UK breakfast television, acted on The Bill, Neighbours, Offspring and Rush, and performed in various TV commercials and films as well as West End theatre shows. 

Anita cares passionately about all women. Join her as she rips apart society’s expectations of perfection and reveals her proven formula, for becoming happier and more beautiful in your own skin.

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