Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday by appointment only.


  • Before your treatment

    For your initial appointment Anita will set aside between 45 minutes to 1 hour for the consultation and treatment. During this time we will discuss what is concerning you most about your appearance and in particular the part of your face you’re most looking forward to enhancing. After a thorough assessment, Anita will explain how aging is specifically affecting your face. Anita will discuss with you what can be done to enhance your natural beauty and rejuvenate your whole appearance. Together you will tailor a cosmetic injectable treatment plan and the initial treatment will be performed. Anita will take before treatment photos for her and your records only.

  • During your treatment

    Anti-Wrinkle injections are quick to perform and relatively painless, ice and numbing cream is sufficient for assisting to numb the area. Dermal Filler products contain local anaesthetic, but we can administer a dental block for lips if preferred.

  • After your treatment
    When can I see the results?

    If you have only had Anti-Wrinkle injections, the results will become noticeable between 4 days and 2 weeks. If you have also had Dermal Fillers, the results are immediate but will settle down to how it will remain 2 weeks after your treatment.

  • What are the side effects?

    Immediately after the treatment has been performed, given that you may feel a little numb if you had a Dermal Filler, it is normal to feel more swollen than you actually are. However some swelling, bruising and redness is normal and will settle down within 24-72 hours.

  • How long will the results last?

    Anti-Wrinkle treatments last between 3-4 months and Dermal Fillers last between 6-18 months depending on the treatment you have had.

  • When should I come back?

    Anita will rebook you for 2 weeks after treatment for a review so you can both assess how enhanced and refreshed your appearance has become. For Anti-Wrinkle injections, Anita will rebook you in for your next treatment for 3 months time. For Dermal Fillers, dependent on the treatment you have had, you will return for treatment between 3-18 months. For both Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments, it is best to have the repeat treatments before the initial treatment has fully worn off.


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