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Issada Cosmetics

Issada is an Australian-owned boutique makeup range specialising in skin Treatment Makeup and Mineral Makeup, with a total focus on skin health. This skin-savvy range is sold exclusively through Salons, Spas, Clinics and Issada Concept Stores where trained skincare professionals can recommend the perfect formula to treat each skin type, condition and concern.

This cult brand began 13 years ago with the ultimate range of handmade collectable makeup brushes. The Issada brush collection is so unique they have an A-list following and have been used by Hollywood makeup artists on many famous film sets.

Fuelled by passion, creativity and a desire for perfection, the long awaited makeup range was launched late 2006. The Issada products are bursting with clinical grade Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals, Botanicals, Proteins, Collagen and more. The packaging is sleek, the textures are sublime and the ingredients are the best available. Products, ingredients and colour pigments have been sourced from around the globe in a quest to deliver the ultimate in quality.

Each and every Issada product has been lovingly created to transform your complexion. Luxurious colour and skincare technology combine in the ultimate pampering partnership. Enjoy treating your skin to sophisticated Treatment Makeup and Minerals. Capture the benefits of science, nature, colour and art that is unmistakably Issada.

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