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frown & worry lines show great improvement on middle aged man

Frown & worry lines

This area worries many of you a great deal. Thankfully it is easily treatable, resulting in a smoother more rejuvenated and opened up appearance.

  • Relax the muscles and soften the lines in your frown area using an Anti-Wrinkle treatment.
  • Soften or correct deep frown lines using a variety of Dermal Filler treatments.
  • Hydrate your skin in the frown area by using a course of Skinbooster treatments that provide deep lasting hydration.
  • Remove or soften your worry lines that can make you look angry and concerned with an Anti-Wrinkle treatment and if necessary, by plumping out the lines with a Dermal Filler treatment.
  • Medical Skin Peels improve skin texture and are essential for your skin’s health.
  • Dermapen to improve skin texture and skin health.
  • PRP for collagen stimulation and for skin rejuvenation.


Frown & worry lines before and after shot Frown & worry lines before and after show greater smoother looking skin Frown & worry lines treatments on men are just as popular as women Look years younger with treatment to your frown and worry lines

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