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Lip volume & rejuvenation, why is it so important?

As you age, just like elsewhere in the face, the volume in your lips depletes. This leads to a loss of support and structure in the body of the lip itself, which in turn leads to a puckering turn in of your lips. Combined with loss of structure and support in the area around the mouth, this leads to thinner, lined lips, making lipstick bleeds inevitable.

  • Lip volume & rejuvenation – you’ll be providing anti-aging support and structure to the body of your lips and prevent continued puckering with Dermal Fillers.
  • Enhance your lips with subtle volume (to the body and border of the lips) to achieve softer, more youthful lips.
  • Create smoothness and softness to your lips by using a Skinbooster treatments that is specifically made for your lips.
  • Reduce your gummy smile with tiny amounts of Anti-Wrinkle solution injected into the muscle surrounding your lips.
  • Dermapen to improve skin texture and skin health.
  • PRP for collagen stimulation and for skin rejuvenation.


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